Hackney Hackney

Specialty - Lawn Care

Negative customer reaction to seeing lawn care trucks on the road with exposed tanks, pumps, and hose reels, with visible storage containers for chemicals and fertilizer, has resulted in more regulations and a growing trend toward the use of enclosed bodies for this purpose.

The Hackney side loader is the perfect platform on which to mount tanks, pumps, and hose reels – out of sight, yet easily accessible through side roll-up doors. Enclosed bays with individual roll-up doors provide generous and dry compartmentalized storage for chemicals and fertilizer.

With everything mounted and stored in place and the doors down, the Hackney side loader body contains its load in a compact and unobtrusive package, with generous space on smooth door panels for impact graphics to promote the professionalism of your business.

Just tell us what equipment you need to mount and the amount of storage you need, and we will design a body to meet your specific requirements.


VT Hackney
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